Friday, February 24, 2017


It's Friday morning and I will give you three guesses as to what I am doing. OK, you only needed one. Yes, I am drinking coffee and hanging out with Jeff and the cats. Not only that, but I am pondering what to do with the day after sleeping in 'till about 7:30 this morning. Earlier in the week, I had thought it a sure deal I would go back to DSU today. Now I am rethinking that. 

The weather has been so mild, I almost feel an obligation to God to swim the pond. It hasn't been like this for the past six years, and last night at DSU I hit 20,000 meters for a week of swimming the earliest in the year I ever have. Speaking of DSU, last night I swam

950 (thank you, Tabatha, for a longer warm up)
100 (all on a :45 per 25 base)
300 (all three times through) I found this to be a pretty challenging set. The 25 - 100 was all fast and the 300 was a recovery swim. Cagri likes that kind of stuff, alternating the fast and the slow. I suppose it works all the energy systems, thus it should build endurance and as well as speed. After Masters, I stayed and swam

4 X 700 easy, three at 12:05 and one at 12:18.
total: 5,400 yards = 4,935 meters.

That was a pretty good practice. In addition, I did something different Thursday. I went home after work and lifted weight since I was afraid I might be out of pocked Saturday, and I didn't want to miss an entire week of lifting. I was a little apprehensive about how I would feel in the water after pumping iron. I went straight to the pool from Plate City once and it was a dreadful experience. This time, however, I had about two hours and some nutrition between the two sessions. It wasn't bad but when I arrived home last night, my muscles knew they had been in a scrap. This might be a new technique of mine, to combine the lifting and swimming. How I feel in the water today will in part determine if I repeat this next week.

Speaking of the pond, I think I will go back there today. The dogs have such a good time. I love seeing children and animals playing and having fun. I like that almost as much as having fun myself.

The weather is beautiful, God is good, and the cats are sweet. Praise God.