Monday, June 5, 2017

5/29 - 6/4

I set a new record for most swimming in one week. Monday I went to the pond and swam four laps for 5,148 meters. Tuesday I cut it to three laps as I attempted to start the radical taper. The three laps gave me 3,781 meters. Wednesday I cut it to how many laps? Yep, two laps for 2,493 meters. 

Thursday I swam what? No, I had intended to swim one, but I was so tired and knowing what was coming on Saturday, I took and day off and napped after I got home from work. 

Friday, I finished my packing and Penny and I along with Sheila Mitchell loaded the truck and headed for Lake Village, Arkansas. The crew met at Foxx's Pizza for supper and at Ditch Bayou Saturday morning. We did the Challenge and I swam 23.8 miles. Officially the swim is 23.5, but in my journal I put down the amount I actually swam. That gave me an additional 38,294 meters for a total of 49,716 for the week, a new personal record.

I will write up the Challenge swim in a few days. For right now, thank you Jesus for keeping us safe and helping me finish. A couple of times out there I thought I was going to have to tap out. And thank you Jesus for good friends. Praise be to God.