Friday, June 16, 2017

First Swim

It was time, time to get back into the water. This week my shoulder has been giving me a greater mobility each day. I thought I could swim Thursday, and I pondered going to the pond. The dogs are getting really restless. They heard me packing the truck and Bear howled while PeeWee yelped like he was looking at a rabbit across the fence. But a look at the sky and a peak at the weather forecast convinced me to head to DSU instead. I had not seen the grand kids in a while so that sealed the deal. It was time for that too.

Penny sent the box of makeup Kelsey McLain gave Caitlin. Our granddaughter was in it in nothing flat, and when she found the black lipstick, she was ecstatic. I left Andrea's with a couple of hugs and a box of Honey Buns. This is why I can't lose weight.

At the pool, I had small expectations. On the first stroke, I felt the shoulder just a little, not pain but a tightness and a little discomfort. I swan 10 X 100 easy. The longer I swam the better I felt. But I decided better safe than sorry. I am supposed to see a nurse practitioner Friday. It's time for that also. 

I think, by the grace of God, I am on the way back.

Thank you Jesus.