Friday, June 2, 2017

Chicot on for June 3

Thursday was a full day. I taught Comp II in the morning, then spoke at the Greenwood Lion's Club at noon. The presentation went well, the audience was receptive, and I enjoyed the meal and company. I spoke on the swim, of course, and I attempted to plant some seeds about diabetes and some other people who could address that topic with them. Then when Penny got off work, we headed over to Greenville/Lake Village to check on the pontoon boat.

In, around, and during all this were the near constant prayers for the weather and the fetish checking of the latest weather forecasts. That forecast for swim day was bouncing up and down like a basketball. Seriously, I have never seen such. It would be 40% and then an hour later 80% chance of thunderstorms for Saturday. Then back to 40% then 60% then 40% and back to 80.

I had to make a decision because one crew member is driving in from Atlanta and others were taking Friday off work. Finally, after prayer and consultation with my wife and others I decided it was a go. Pray for us. I hope to be swimming by 6:00 a.m. or earlier. But I have hoped that before. This effort has a lot of moving parts and all of these parts are voluntary. I don't like to boss people around, especially friends who are doing me a great kindness. In fact, I refuse to do anything like that. To all of you who are serving on the crew, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Not only that, but thank you from the top of my heart. Furthermore, thank you from the middle of my heart. I really appreciate it.