Monday, February 22, 2016

1/15 - 1/21

Last week, 1/15 - 1/21, is the one I thought would get me caught up with last year because then we missed both Masters practices due to inclement weather and a swim meet at DSU. In fact, we even missed the next Tuesday also making it three straight practices that were cancelled.

Let me back up and give you a quick rundown on how I got to the week of hope only to see it come crashing down on my sore head. On Monday 15th, I donated blood. Five days later I ran the Mississippi River Marathon. My performance was dreadful. Scarcely forty-eight hours later, I was sick and in bed. Cause/effect? It's hard not to draw that conclusion, but the fact is I really do not know.

So one week after the blood donation and three days after the marathon, I shuffled 3.15 miles on the treadmill. An hour or so later, and I was running fever. I went to work Tuesday and met my classed, but left a little early and went to bed where I remained that day and night. I stayed in bed all day Wednesday. I stayed in bed all day Thursday. Friday afternoon, I walked 1.0 on the treadmill @ 20:00 per mile. Other than that, I was in bed all day. Saturday afternoon, I took Jeff to recycle. We walked 1.13 miles. Other than that, you guessed it, in bed all day long. Sunday, three guesses. I did walk a little bit on the treadmill and shuffled two tenths of a mile. Besides that, I stayed in bed almost all day. 

So for the week, I

ran 3.35 miles and
walked 3.45 miles. 

That's it. No weightlifting and no swimming.