Friday, February 26, 2016

Thursday Practice

I'm still recovering from my illness and feeling a little better each day. I'm not yet back to full beast mode, but I did up the yardage Thursday over what I did Tuesday when I swam a paltry 4,100. I got in early enough to have a long warm up and then the set was 6 X 500. Thank you, Cagri. That's the kind of swimming I need. We were to do them by twos (pull and paddles, paddles, swim) with :20 rest. I started right away. The practice looked like this:

2,000 36:43 (1:49)
500 7:32 (1:30)
500 7:30 (1:31)
500 7:51 (1:33)
500 7:54 (1:34)
550 9:18 (1:41)
600 10:17 (1:42)
550 (Ricky's last one, number seven for me)
total: 5,700 yards.

Like Tuesday, I had plenty of time left on the clock, but I still suffer some fear of relapsing so I quit. It was only 7:42 when I got out. Maybe next week I can stay in at least until 8:30, and start back lifting weights. I lifted nothing the last two weeks but a fork and precious little of that. My appetite is slowly returning. That's pretty unusual for me not to eat heartily even when ill.