Thursday, February 4, 2016

If only I Could Count

I was so pissed off when I got home. I wrote the practice down and used the calculator on my phone to prove to myself once more that I can't count. Now I know I should not have daydreamed all those years in grade school when my mind wondered from one adventure to another. Tow plus tow really is important. Oh . . . that's two plus tow. I mean two plus two.

It absolutely amazes me that in the pool I can count and count and count and when I get home and use the machine that can count I am almost always 100 yards/meters short. Why not 150? Why not being over for a change? No, it's always 100 short.

That's not the only disappointment of the day. We have had a little warming trend of late and I had hoped to get to the fish. Alas, it was not to be. Life happened and a trip to the fish farm got knocked out.

Well, I did get to swim, and I got a good one in Tuesday night at DSU. Despite the fact that I took my truck to the shop (yes, again) and ran home and packed and ran to Mom's and called my sister and picked her up and went to get my truck, I was able to start stroking at 6:05:34. I was 2,000 in when Ricky started warming up and after a few more laps, I noticed that Coach was not on deck. I stopped after 2,400 and we, Ricky, Mark, Duke, and me, decided to go ahead and start with some 50s. "He's going to make us do them anyway." So we started 8 X 50 decline 1-4 @ 1:15. The practice looked like this.

2,400 warm up  42:46; 1:46
8 X 50 decline 1-4 @ 1:15
800 25 fast/25 not fast  12:52; 1:36
100 easy
8 X 100 small paddles breathing 5,7 by 25s r :20
150 easy
1,000 (He said 800 or choice) pull with paddles  16:15
End of Masters
1,300  24:24; 1:52
total: 6,950 yards (I thought I had 7,050 until I got home and used the calculator).

Not bad. I feel better. Now if I can only do this again Thursday and Friday.