Friday, February 12, 2016

Thursday Swim

Thursday, I did a little run, visited the grandchildren, and made it to DSU. I swam 2,350 before we, Ricky and me, started the practice. Cagri announced first 8 and then 6 X 400 to be swum 1-3 X 2. The first 400 was to be 75/25 (easy/hard). The second 400 was to be 50/50, and the third was our choice. All of that two times through. My plan at the start was to lap Ricky enough that we could start his sixth together with me on my seventh. I did it and on the last two I actually did 450. Then I finished up with small paddles and 1,000 straight. The practice looks like this.

2,350 42:42, 1:48
400 75/25 6:22
400 50/50 6:18; 1:34
400 all hard 6:09
400 75/25 6:25; 1:36
400 50/50 6:20; 1:34
450 all hard 7:20
450 all hard 7:19
1,000 small paddles, 18:02; 1:47
total: 6,250 yards = 5,712 meters.

It was a nice swim and I hate to admit it, but I tapped out with at least thirty minutes left on the clock. I had had enough. Those 400s hit me pretty hard. After I climbed up on deck, I got to chatting with Danielle. I can't remember her last name, but she is from South Africa, a former DSU swimmer, and was very interested in the Chicot Challenge. She says she will do some swimming with me at the Challenge. Hot dog! That will be a huge help. I don't know if Randy is coming this year or not, and I was feeling a little down about things, but the conversation with her gave me a boost I needed. It's all going to work out, the sponsorships, the training, the crew. Thank you, Lord.