Monday, February 29, 2016

2/22 - 2/28

I started back training Monday after a week in bed and I could tell the flu, or whatever I had, really kicked my hinder parts pretty hard. In order to stay out of the wind and cold, I did a short 1.55 mile shuffle on the treadmill. Although I felt pretty bad all day, amazingly I felt better after the effort. That would be the pattern of the week. I didn't feel like doing anything, but when I did it seemed to boost my body up a notch or two.

Tuesday I didn't try to run but saved it all for the pool, which was cold, very cold. I swam 4,100 yards. I had time to do a lot more, but I was still in the fear mode of overdoing it and relapsing. 

Wednesday I again stayed out of the wind and shuffled 2.3 on the dreadmill. I'm not crazy about a treadmill, but it is really nice to have one for times of bad weather or coming back from an illness. The cold and wet, windy weather seemed to threaten further illness, promise it.

Thursday I once more had more time than energy and health at DSU. I swam 5,700 yards. Friday, I went out not really knowing how far I was going to run. I did 8.25 with some multi-pacing. My condition is off and I was wiped out after the run, but at least I stopped the slide.

Saturday I did a short 2.3 mile outdoor run and some light upper body weightlifting. I have been off the weights for two weeks, so the lead I had there is gone.

Since my running has been so bad, I decided on a rare Sunday shuffle. I only did 1.79 miles, but that is more than I usually do. I am even thinking about starting a streak. Even before I got sick, my running took a nose-dive. I want to get it back.

For the week, I

ran 16.19 miles,
swam 8,956 meters,
lifted weights once, and 
walked 2.08 miles.

Not too bad for coming off a fifteen year illness. What I mean by that is, that was the sickest I have been in fifteen years. And before that it was another fifteen years ago that I was so ill. Thus I am calling it a fifteen year sickness.