Monday, February 8, 2016

Luvie's Latest Report

Fat boy has been pretty tense about things lately, but after we sat down and looked at the  numbers, he settled down a little and perked up. I'll fill in the gaps later. First, let's look at what he did last week.

Monday he only ran 1.41 because the 17 miler from the Saturday before left him washed out. He lifted weights at Plate City and that session looked like this:

15 X 95
10 X 115
7 X 135
4 X 150
1 X 160
1 X 160.5
1 X 166
4 X 150 
4 X 150
4 X 145
5 X 140

This moved his peak strength up one pound and also slid it another week closer to the Challenge.

Tuesday he ran 2.92 miles and went to DSU and swam 6,352 meters. He wrote a post about that one so I won't say any more about that.

Wednesday he ran 3.05 and did some upper body weightlifting.

Thursday it was 3.12 miles of shuffling and back to DSU for 5,895 meters.

Friday he made his first three-time appearance of the year at DSU and did 5,392 meters worth of swimming and 2.11 miles of jogging before going home. 

Saturday he ran 8.02 miles in multi-pace fashion and did a little bit of weightlifting.

For the week, he

ran 20.63
walked 4.08
lifted weights 3 X and
swam 17,639 meters.

When we compared this to last year, he began to relax a little. Just a little. This year he is 130.66 miles ahead on his running. He is one pound over on his bench press and that strength is two weeks closer to his key event. Concerning swimming, he has swim 51,259 meters, but that leaves him 7,362 behind last year. He actually made up a little of his shortfall. When we looked back at last year's training diary and saw that he missed three straight swims in February due to weather cancellations, we feel certain that we can not only make up the short fall but get ahead. We need to be ahead.

This is Luvie, and I wrote and approved of this report.