Monday, February 15, 2016

Training Week 1/8 - 1/14

Since I gave blood Monday, I did no exercise at all. The last time I donated the red stuff, I ran that very day. My pace was two minutes per mile off its normal, so I decided to wait at least one day this time. When I ran Tuesday, I could tell the difference. My legs felt fresh, but I was breathing harder and deeper than I normally do at an easy tempo. At DSU I swan 7,750 yards, my longest of the year. The blood giving did not seem to impact me as much in the water, but I could tell a mild difference.

Wednesday I ran an easy 2.28 and lifted weights. I was shooting for a PR in the bench press, but on my set of 150, I knew I was in trouble. I got up 161 but failed at 167. Blood? I think. Although it should not affect the body as much doing anaerobic work as it does doing aerobic exercise, I took more time between sets because I was worried about recovery with less hemoglobin to pay back the oxygen debt.

Thursday was another leisurely 2.06 miles and another trip to DSU where I swam 6,250 yards. Friday I went to Jackson with Penny and did nothing physical since Forrest and I were to run a marathon the next day.

Saturday, my boy and I did the Mississippi River Marathon. I ran poorly, partly no doubt due to donating blood a mere five days before. Still, I got a good workout and I'm glad we did it. I'll write a separate post on the marathon later. 

For the week, I

ran 30.49 miles,
swam 12,795 meters,
lifted weights two times, and
walked 3.75 miles.

Not great, but not bad. Since I was injured for running at this time last year, I am now 161.15 miles ahead of last year's shuffling. I hope this will help me when it comes Viking Half Marathon time. I am still behind on the swimming by 5,630 meters. I made up some of the gap. I think I can get the rest of it this week.