Monday, February 1, 2016

Luvie's Post on 1/25 - 1/31

I hit some pretty good numbers, but I wanted more, especially in the water. Day by day, it looked like this:

Monday - I ran 3.2 miles and lifted weights for the upper body. I tied last year's record for the bench press at 165. My bench session was

    15 X 95
    10 X 115
    7 X 135
    4 X 146
    2 X 157
    1 X 162.5
    1 X 165
    4 X 145
    4 X 145
    4 X 140

For me, that's a pretty good bench session. Last year, I peaked the week before this one and never exceeded 165. I hope to go up in weight over the next several weeks and bring my peak strength closer to my goal event, the Chicot Challenge. I don't know how much higher I can go or how much higher I should try to go. The lifting helps strengthen my shoulders but at the same time carries the risk of injuring them. In the past, as my swimming volume rose, my lifting by necessity had to decrease. This year, I want to bring that peak strength as close as possible to my big swim.

Tuesday I ran 3.3 and went to Delta State where I swam 5,800 yards. Since I already wrote about that, I will leave off the sets.

Wednesday I ran 3.84 miles, but got lazy and did not lift weights. I teach Film as Literature on Wednesday evening and I opted to spend more time prepping for class. I love that course and so do my students.

Thursday I ran 3.23 miles and swam 6,400 yards. I ran my numbers after I got home and found that for the year 2016, despite the fact that I am scratching and clawing for ever yard, I am 9,007 meters behind this same time in 2015. That might not bother me so much if I had not swum over 200,000 fewer meters in 2015 than 2016. That's a lot of swimming. Less.

Friday, I was disappointed that I could not go to DSU because of a swim meet there. Instead I took a short run (2.14) and did a long upper body weight workout.  

Saturday I took Jeff to the Yazoo River Trail and we covered 1.62 miles. Then at home, I did some more weightlifting before running to Hillbilly Heaven. I did not run straight in but took some detours to up the distance a bit. I hit the bottom of the Big Hill at 13.91 miles and did the hill mile in 12:02. After that it was survival shuffle until I tapped out at 17.65 miles in 3:37:19 for a 12:18 average.  

For the week, I

ran - 33.54 miles,
lifted weights - three times,
swam 11,150 meters, and
walked 5.37 miles.

Unfortunately I am 9,007 meters swimming behind this same time last year, and looking back at last year's numbers, I am likely to fall further behind this upcoming week.