Tuesday, January 12, 2016

11/4 - 1/10

I feel really good about last week's training although the numbers weren't overly big. The main thing that boosted my glow was the fact that I made it past Wednesday and I'm still healthy. Last year, I broke down on the the first Wednesday of the first full week of 2015 after a hard and foolish treadmill run. I went to twin Rivers and some Cro-Magnon there was lifting weights and screaming like an idiot after ever set. That irritated me. Every time he yelled like a cave man, I hit the button on the treadmill and kicked it up a notch. Smart. I didn't reform him but I did injure myself.

Monday I ran 4.12 and did some upper body weightlifting. Tuesday I only ran 2.10 miles and then went to DSU where I swam

8 X 200
100 easy
4 X 50
100 easy
total: 3,100 meters. 

Wednesday it was more weights and another small run of 2.43 miles. The week was difficult in that I had to work every day and I worked all day, so I was tired and pressed for time. Thursday I was at DSU again where the pool had been changed back to short course. I swam

8 X 50
800 small paddles
50 easy
6 X 50
600 small paddles
50 easy
4 X 50
total: 4,000 SCYs.

I liked this workout and Cagri said if we had time, the pattern would have continued. I plan to use this model at Twin Rivers when spring time comes. The next step would have been 4 X 100 and then 400 with paddles. This one reminds me of practices Petya used to give us. Although I can remember very few specifics from her coaching, I do remember that she liked to work strength and endurance in the same workout. With the paddles and longer swims alternating with the sprints, this one worked strength, endurance, and speed.

Friday I ran short, 2.68, after working all day. We had dinner with John and Patsy at Mai Little China and then went home and crashed. Saturday, I thought I better get in a long one since Forrest's birthday run is exactly two weeds away. I ran 16.21 straight and threw in some 5K race pace intervals. 

For the week, I

ran 29.64 and walked 3.15 miles,
lifted weights three times, and
swam 6,756 meters.