Thursday, January 7, 2016

30-30-30 Run for Diabetes

In a couple of weeks, my son, Forrest, and I will be doing his birthday run. A few years back we did 27 miles on his 27th birthday. Neither one of us was in the best of condition at the time, but we did it. We skipped his 28th and 29th birthdays, but this time around he is determined to pull off thirty miles this January 23rd. Once more, neither of us is in top form but we are way ahead of three years ago. Actually, I'm pretty fit but a bit overweight, and since we are planning a 3/1 walk/run ratio, I should be able to handle it. I really don't know how much Forrest has been running, but he told me he is better prepared than when we did this before.

To make all this even better, Forrest decided to turn the run into a fundraiser for the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi. He dubbed the effort the 30-30-30 Run for Diabetes. The plan was to run thirty miles on his thirtieth birthday and get thirty people to donate thirty dollars to the DFM. That comes out as a goal to raise $900. The Greenwood Commonwealth ran an article on his plans in a Sunday edition and the donations came in quickly. I don't know what the current total is, but he was over $1,000 a couple of months back.

I am proud of my son. If you care to donate, you can search Facebook for the 30-30-30 Run for Diabetes. They, the DFM, set up an event page and you can find a link there to donate. If you live in the area and want to help, we are leaving early Saturday morning, (I think he said 5:30). The plan is an out-and-back on Money Road. Drive out and give us a yell. Bring us a coke or Gatorade, or if you really want to be nice, bring me some ice-cream. An ice-cream sandwich is the best endurance food there is.