Monday, January 4, 2016

Final Week of Freedom

My last week of freedom before going back to work was one of coffee, cats, and running. Monday, I tipped around for 4.11 miles and lifted weights. Tuesday, I did a 6.22 mile run with an embedded 3.02 mile time trial. I averaged 8:14 for the test which was four seconds per mile faster than my last test. After the run, I did some light squatting and then went to DSU. Unfortunately, I forgot to write down the practice, and I cleared my watch out. All I remember is I warmed up with 1,000 and the total was 2,400. 

Wednesday was mostly a day of leisure. I did shuffle 3.13 miles and do some bench pressing. Thursday, however, was another matter. Since it was New Year's Eve, plans were to go to Hillbilly Heaven. Last week, I ran out there two times. This week, only once. The HBH shuffle was a breakthrough run. This course is a killer and you know what they say about that which does not kill you. At 11.8 miles, I come to the bottom of that huge hill which I run (and a little on top to make a mile) as fast as I can manage. The rest of the run is always a survival shuffle. The last few times I did the course, I lapped my watch twice, giving me a time (and average pace) for the run to the bottom of the hill (11.8 miles), the Big Hill Mile (one mile), and then the shuffle in to the house (2.9 miles of small hills on a gravel road). The last three efforts look like this: The times are the average pace per mile.

To the bottom of the hill        The Big Hill Mile     The final shuffle

12:12                                   13:16                    15:04

12:12                                   12:27                    14:23

10:19                                   11:36                    13:22

I felt good after the run and was a bit temperate, though not perfect, in my eating.

Friday, I lifted more weights and shuffled 2.11 miles. Saturday, I lifted for both upper and lower body and ran 2.31. For the week, I

ran 33.58 miles
swam 2,400 meters
lifted weights three times, and
walked 4.25 miles.