Thursday, January 14, 2016

Beginning to Build

With the new year here and the Chicot Challenge only five months away, maybe EndangeredSwimmer will once more begin to look like a swimming blog. Tuesday I made it to DSU full of enthusiasm because with classes having begun, I knew there would be lifeguards on duty which meant I could swim after practice. I got in a little early  and swam 1,600 nonstop as a warm up. Then for Masters we swam

4 X 200, 1st and 3rd with paddles
4 X 100
400 build 100 by 25s (6:18)
50 easy
8 X 50
end of Masters.

On my own, I swam 
1,000 straight
12 X 50 @ 1:00 with small paddles
total: 5,250 yards.

This was my longest swim of the young year, but shorter than last year's at this same date. I had plenty of time to keep going, but I fell off so much last fall without doing the Suck and finished the year -200,000 meters that I was a little apprehensive about pushing things too far. I didn't want to risk injury so I stopped. Thursday I will try to exceed Tuesday's swim a bit.