Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It Got Better. A Little

I went back to DSU Tuesday night determined to bust out another big one. A "big one" of course is a floating term at this point. Last Thursday I swam 5,400 and felt like my arms were going to fall off. Would that single effort add any endurance to my upper body. The short answer is yes, a little bit.

I hoped into the pool the earliest I have this year. Since our practice officially starts at 6:30 and Chet has a team practicing earlier, I always ask him if it is OK before I occupy a lane. He has always said "yes" and he is gracious enough to usually save three lanes on one end of the pool. Last night I jumped in at 6:04.

I  swam 1,800 and then saw Coach Cagri on deck and Ricky with him so I stopped and asked if we had time to warm up. Cagri and we did and I asked Ricky how much he was going to swim. He said 300, but he actually did 400 so I finished the warm up with 2,200 yards. Then it was Masters time. We swam

8 X 100 @ 2:30 breathing 3, 5 per 25
50 easy
2 X 400 breathing 3, 5 per 50, :30 rest
50 easy
1 X 800
end of Masters
2 x 25 no breath with Duke
1,000 small paddles
10 X 50 @ 1:00
total: 6,550 yards.

I was tired but not as tired as last week. It got better. A little bit. A little, bitty bit.