Monday, May 30, 2016

5/23 - 5/29

The week before event week is always the beginning of the taper but with one long swim. This year, I made the long swim my longest of the year, and since I couldn't do it ten days out, I did it eleven days out. I went to the pond and swam and ran for 9.03 in the water and 6.06 on land. The week went like this.

Monday - 1,700 meters at Twin Rivers (first swim with John this year) and 4.06 miles of shuffling

Tuesday - 9.03 miles of swimming and 6.06 miles of running

Wednesday - I preached Gene's funeral and later ran 3.31 miles.

Thursday - 2,200 meters at Twin Rivers and 11.5 miles of running

Friday - Penny and I went to Jackson. While Penny was shopping, I ran 2.4 miles.

Saturday - I ran 5.26 miles and did some lower body weight lifting.

Sunday - I usually don't do anything but a walk or a light run on Sunday, but since I was out of the water two straight days, I swam 1.71 miles at the pond (2,751 meters) and shuffled  2.12 miles.


ran - 34.71
swam - 21,180
walked - 4.09 
lifted weights one time (lower body).

This was a pretty decent week, a drop back from the 36,000 meters of swimming I had done the previous two weeks, but with that one big swim. Now, to pray up some good weather. Right now, the forecast is not looking good. If you read this and believe in prayer, give me and the crew some prayer support. We need an absence of lightning (I don't mind if it rains) and some light wind or no wind at all.