Thursday, May 12, 2016

Second Day

I got to wake up at home on my second day off, drink more coffee, and hang out with the cats. Super. I went out for a 7.21 mile multi-paced run in the morning and my pickups were at just a tad under current 5K race pace. Last week, I did a similar run but felt much stronger this time around and got in a greater volume at my 5K goal race pace.

John has been out of pocket lately so I swam alone at Twin Rivers once more. Maybe that is a good thing because I have been left to my thoughts and my own devices for staying in the pool. I really never get bored swimming but it does take some patience when one starts out to swim several hours straight and no one is there with you. At the pool I swam

1,500 warm up in 31:19
8 X 100 @ 2:00
500 easy
1,600 countdown in 30:40
400 kick with fins
1,000 easy in 21:06
Total (not counting kick set) 5,400 meters.

After swimming, I hooked up to the pontoon and backed it into the yard. I hope to begin working on it soon and maybe I can use it next summer and save some money. I want to swim the Tenn-Tom and every time I go onto Google Maps, I wind up there lusting after that water. Penny and I rode over to Columbus one day last summer. She did not like it, and every time I bring it up she says I will get killed my an alligator there. But she only saw the lake at Columbus and not the channel, which looks like a great place to swim. To pull off a marathon swim there, however, I need my own boat and a lot of help. Logistically, it would be much more difficult than Chicot, but I don't want to wind up an old man in a nursing home wishing I had found a way to swim there. The Tenn-Tomm is at the top of my bucket list.