Monday, May 9, 2016

Week Four Review

I survived Week Four. Now I come back for more.

By Week Four, I mean four full weeks before Chicot not counting Event Week. Why do I capitalize these weeks? I do that because in my mind, due to their importance, they are proper nouns. Week Four is always as big as I can make it, which is never huge on account of me finishing a school year. Week Three is peak week in terms of the science of exercise physiology and also in terms of my personal practice. For the upcoming six days, I plan to train like a maniac. But first let me offer this abbreviated review of Week  Four:

Monday I ran 4.01 miles and swam 3,400 meters at Twin Rivers. The practice was simple. I warmed up with 2,400 and then did my 1,000 countdown set.

Tuesday I swam 8,500 straight at the local pool. My time was a bit slow, averaging 2:07 per 100. I told myself it didn't matter, but it did bother me some and it reveals that my condition is far from where it needs to be. After the swim, I ran 7.05 miles with some multi-pacing.

Wednesday I only swam 2,100. After 1,300 as a warmup, I did 4 X 100 @ 2:00. I haven't done hard 100s on a short turn around in a long time which may be why my pace has been so slow. I found the 100s difficult and then cooled down with an easy 400. I added a 200 kick with fins but from now on, I am not counting kick sets in my total distance. I did the kicking because my legs have been feeling week and crampy in the water. Furthermore, I may have to use them at Chicot. They are in good running shape, but running is running and swimming is swimming.

Thursday I swan 3,300 as 1,400 warmup. 5 X 100 @ 2:00, 200 easy, and then 1,200 countdown. I could tell a big difference from yesterday on the 100s. I was faster and stronger, and it showed up on the 200 easy, which was under a 2:00 pace and then 1,200 countdown was done in 22:06. After the swim, I ran 5.01 with some multi-pacing.

Friday I swam 5,325 meters in the pond. Twin Rivers started their lifeguard training so I was banished. I need to swim the pond at least once per week anyway. After swimming, I ran the levee roads for 2.2 miles. That night, Penny and I went out to eat with John and Patsy at Lo's.

Saturday I ran 10.5 miles and did 3 X 1 mile inside the run at marathon goal pace (which is the same as my current half marathon pace). Post nap, I worked in the yard and lifted some weights. On the bench I did:
16 X 100
10 X 120
4 X 140
4 X 140
4 X 140

I am stronger closer to the swim than I have ever been. I don't know it that will help or not, but I like the old motto, "You never go wrong with strong."

Sunday I rested a lot, as usual, and took a short, easy 2.3 mile shuffle. For the week, I

ran 34.1 and walked 3.21 miles,
lifted weights once, and 
swam 22,625 meters.