Monday, May 2, 2016

Week Five Training

Week Five and come and gone. It was a pretty good one, one that gives hope for the future. Monday I swam 6,800 meters. Tuesday I knocked off 7,200. Wednesday I slowed to 4,400, but jumped back up to 7,600 Thursday. Unfortunately, Thursday ended my swimming for the week. Friday was full of lightning and Saturday we went to Kosciusko. I could have swum Saturday, but I lifted weights and took naps in the afternoon.

For the week, I totaled 26,000 meters in the water which beat last year by a mere 100 meters. It's just very difficult to train more than I am. The spirit is willing and even when the flesh is strong, I can't control the weather. 

Running went well last week also. I got in 30.23 miles, besting last year's 28.46. I also ran the Kosciusko 5K and beat my 2015 time by 52 seconds but didn't place in my age group. That was disappointing, but also motivating. Next year I will be in the 60-64 bracket, and if I can improve another 52 seconds, I should not only place, but win the group. Believe it or not, I thought about that today when I did my road work during my lunch break. That has been different this year. In the past couple, I just enjoyed a lot of easy shuffling. Now I am thinking about workouts and improving for the next time around. It's starting to pay off with better times.

This week we hold exams at school which means things are crazy, and I will just do the best I can. By the grace of God, I hope to get in at least one really long swim while I attempt to survive my busiest week of the year. Then I will be totally off work, and it is to be hoped that I have the energy to go  crazy in the water and on the road. Chicot is coming like a run away train.