Tuesday, May 10, 2016

First Day

Monday was my first day of freedom. Well, I call it that. Actually Saturday would have been since we finished the semester last Friday. But Monday was the first day that I did not have to go to work when I normally would have. It was nice. It was busy. It was nice and busy.

The day started at Mom's as Mondays usually do since I stay with her on Sunday nights. I was up early and then to Ollie's who comes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She never came out so I went home and ran an errand before going back to Mom's to get her up, get her fed, and administer her meds. The errand, by the way, was to make a trip to the post office and mail some funds to the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi. I enjoy that and wish I had to do a lot more of it. The fundraising is going a little slow this year. At present I have raised $595. Maybe things will pick up.

Not only did I go to the post office, but I made a trip to Barry Brewer's Screen Printing to put in the next order of shirts, which primarily consists of crew shirts and a couple of special orders. The crew will work fourteen hours protecting and taking care of me and for their efforts they receive a free T-shirt. How can you get in on this? Inbox me on Facebook or post a reply to this post.

After Brewer's, it was home to take a run before lunch, four miles. Then I had to make a trip to the vets to pick up Jeff's meds. We could make a car payment for what that hound costs us. Only after all of that was I able to get to the pool where I swam 9,100 meters straight in a little over 3:14. Penny cooked hamburgers for supper, and I ate three then fell asleep watching TV.