Friday, May 13, 2016

Third Day: Double Dip

I woke up at home again but did not tarry long in bed as I had lots to do. I performed my roadwork early, 3,15 miles, and then began to make preparations for workout number two. Actually, I started preparations the day before by hooking up to the pontoon and backing it into the yard where I hope soon to begin the process of re-decking and other upgrades. If I can get this vessel seaworthy, then the Tenn-Tom dream can become a reality. I need my own boat and lots of help to pull off a swim there.

To make a short story long, I had to get things ready to take the kayak out for a swim/practice session with a new crew member, Tristan Wiggins. That meant getting the pontoon out of the way, pumping up a flat tire on the small trailer, getting the aluminum boat off it, and loading and strapping the kayak to the trailer. A lot of work. But I got it done, and then Tristan Wiggins and I went to the pond to practice. I had secured permission to swim McIntyre, but somehow the alligators took over my imagination again and I thought, Why be nervous my whole swim. Pond. Problem solved.

So we went to the pond. I swam 2.51 miles (4,038 meters), and we practiced feeding once. I think Tristan will be OK if I can get him to the lake on event day. He just applied for a life-guarding job at the Greenwood Country Club. I implored him over and over to check with his current boss and his potential new boss to get June 4th off. I fear he will have to work on that day. Oh well, I will just have to deal with whatever.

I went home and took a nap. Then I got up and packed my overnight bag, called Mom, stuffed something to eat in my face, and headed to the pool for workout three. I swam

300 kick with fins
300 kick with fins
total swim: 3,000 meters.

For the day, I swam 7,038 meters. Not bad. In three days, I sit at 21,538 for the week, a pretty good cycle in and of itself. But this is peak week and I need more, much more.