Monday, May 23, 2016

Boy Howdy, I Done Good

The week of 5/16 - 5/22 was the largest training block of my life, just edging out the record I set one week before that. The totals are:

swim - 36,666
run - 36.87
walk - 1.53
weights - upper body once.

The breakdown looks like this:

Monday - swam 4,000 meters and ran 4.05 miles
Tuesday - swam 8.25 miles at the pond (13,274) and ran 6.0
Wednesday - swam 3,100 and ran 5.12
Thursday - swan 8.51 at the pond (13,692) and ran 2.0
Friday - swam 2,600 and ran 11.22
Saturday - ran 6.32
Sunday - lifted weights upper body and ran 2.16
   BP - 15 X 100
          10 X 120
            4 X 142
            4 X 142

That weight lifting moved my last session one day closer to the Challenge and upped the weights by two pounds over last year and a rep each on the last two sets. My running totals are now 284 miles over 2015. How much will that help on the big day? I don't know, but the fact that I have swum 27,037 meters more this year should make a real difference. The two eight milers in one week is something I have never done before and that also should aide my fitness. I plan now to do one more big pond swim, hopefully tomorrow, and then it is taper time.