Monday, May 8, 2017

5/1 - 5/7

This will be concise because I really don't want to whine too much. OK, I'll whine a bit. My goal for the week was to swim at least four times and have one long effort of more than eight miles. I swam four times, but my longest effort was only five miles. Sigh. And now, three weeks out which is what both science and experience has shown to be the critical week, when I am supposed to be off work and doing nothing but swimming, I am beginning Hades Week. Sigh.

Monday was my only longish swim of the week when I took the dogs and swam 5.09 miles at my beloved D10. Tuesday I was back with Pee Wee for a 3.27 mile effort. Then Wednesday, I was alone as I swam 4.21 miles and tapped out due to some twinges in my right pectoral muscle.

Thursday, I stayed home and rested for Friday, but as soon as I stepped out the front door, I knew a pond swim was not happening. Call me a sissy, but the 49 degree air sucked all the will out of me to climb into a pond and stay in there for hours. So I went to DSU instead for my first pool swim in I don't know how long. I managed to do

1,300 in 26:40
7 X 100 medium paddles @ 2:00
1,300 26:09
6 X 50 with new forearm paddles @ 1:30
1,300 24:59
total: 4,900 meters.

By the time I got out of the pool, the temps had warmed considerably, and I even thought about going by the pond for a lap or two. But thinking was as far as I made it on that.

Saturday, I did a pretty big weight session at Plate City Gym. On the bench, I did

38 X 76
15 X 105
4 X 135
4 X 135
4 X 135
7 X 125

On the Swim Pull, I got

20 X 25.5
22 X 25.5 + 1
25 X 25.5 + 2
26 X 25.5 + 3
27 X 25.5 + 4
10 X 25.5 + 5

I did a bunch of other stuff, especially a lot of external rotation exercises for my rotator cuff. Thank God, my shoulders are feeling really well. Now, Lord, help me make some lemonade out of this schedule I have been dealt. Thank you Jesus.