Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tired Pond

I gave two exams Tuesday on two campuses. That was fun. I made it home, slammed down some food and went to the pond. Bear didn't want to go. That worries me a little. I think it is Pee Wee's barking that bothers him. He will be on the front seat with me while Pee Wee is in the back running from window to window barking like a dog possessed. Bear will look at me, glance to the back, then look back at me. Any question as to what he is saying?

I guess I should crack down on the barking, but the little mutt is so full of it. He wants to run, bite, bark, run, sniff, hunt, fight, and run. Did I mention he likes loves to run? I can't tire him out. I try to run him enough so that he will sleep on the journey home. I haven't been able to do that yet.

So Pee Wee and I showed up at the pond. I didn't even stick a toe in first. This time of year, the water will warm in a day. I made two swims totaling 4.32 miles. I got tired. That is worrisome. I should not get tired in 4.32 miles. Last week lacked a really long swim. My frequency has fallen off lately due to everything imaginable. Have I lost fitness? This is supposed to be THE week, but we are still working and the reason for this has never been explained to us. What else is new; they never explain anything to us. So I asked my students. They always know more about what is going on with the school than the teachers do. They told me it was due to some of the students hoping to graduate had not done everything they were supposed to and needed extra time. That sounds about right.

Today I will have no opportunity to even attempt a short swim. Twin Rivers is still under construction, I have three exams to give, and I have three sets of exams to grade and enter all grades into Banner. Then I stay with Mom on Wednesday so no training is possible. I have been telling all my students that I am entering the Witness Protection Program this afternoon. I have to work Friday. Thursday I am not going to hang around and wait on students to bring things in. I am going to the pond. I did my job and went beyond.

Sorry for the whining. Praise the Lord anyway.