Saturday, May 6, 2017

PSA: Pool Fools

I talked to my cousin Shay the other day. Most of our conversation is top secret, classified. However, part of our talk needs to be revealed. He asked about the big swim next weekend. 


The prime players have already been notified, but I have not posted about Pool Fools. Chicot Challenge is slated for June 3rd and Pool Fools was originally to come off May 13th. That schedule, however, has changed.

Chicot's date remains the same, but the pool swim has been postponed until September (tentatively the 9th). Twin Rivers' pool is still under construction and will be for several more weeks. Debbie Oxnam, Twin Rivers Director, offered to set me up at the Greenwood Country Club pool, but I decided a later date would be preferable for several reasons. One reason is the longer semester we have at MDCC this time around. I will be working all week next week since we are going long this time and I'll be working Friday to boot. Three weeks out is THE peak training week for an endurance event. Now I will be lucky to get in a minimalist training cycle at best. This has me nervous and trying to juggle another swim right now is more than my mind can manage. 

Not only that, but due to the early date and the pool's repairs, some of the swimmers have not had a chance to prepare. The delay will give them the opportunity to get into the water and train. Furthermore, the refurbished pool at Twin Rivers will not have lane lines on the bottom and the the big ex on the wall. That might not seem like a bid deal, but last year I once tried swimming sideways in the pool (to avoid a crowd) and I found the lack of those marks a real hindrance. I actually thought I didn't pay attention to those, but when I approached each wall, I found my ability to judge distance to be off. Over and over I either flipped and had no wall to push off of or got too close and could not flip at all. Go figure. In short, I need practice in the new set up if I am going to swim all day in it.

So that's the long and short of it. The space between the two swims will give me a chance to recover, re-peak, and promote the swim. So stay tuned for more on Pool Fools later and praise God while you wait.