Friday, May 19, 2017


I don't even want to tell you about it. You will judge me I am sure. I took the dogs to the pond and we had a time, bad and good. Here's the story.

Pee Wee has become habituated to a barking fest with a lab that chases us as we drive by on our way to our pond. The little turd goes nuts and barks about 120 times per minute. Bear hates it, and I'm not too crazy about it myself.

I crack the back windows about six inches so the little beast can stick his head out and let the world know he owns the truck we travel in. Well, the lab met us early (did he know we were coming) and Pee Wee weaseled out the window and hit the pavement at I don't know what speed. The way I knew he was out was I heard him hit the asphalt. He rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled and came out of his last roll into a dead run. Amazing. He went straight for the lab who just froze. I've seen the little turd fight before. He can be aggressive. 

He did a quick stare down at the frightened bigger dog then bolted back into a wide open run. Me yelling his name at the top of my lungs didn't slow him a step. So I jumped back in and tore out to catch him. We were still miles from the pond and it was much too hot for him to run all the way. He was running all over the road, but to his credit, when a vehicle approached, he always moved to the shoulder on our side of the road.

I could see him getting hot so I pulled up onto a pond levee and he hit the water. Pee Wee can't stop. Usually he runs out into the water and gulps once or twice without ever stopping. This time he was really hot and dry but he can't stop. That's just the way he rolls. What does he do? He swims out into the pond and drinks while swimming in circles. That dog.

Back on the pavement we made another mile or two, and I once more became concerned for him so I hit another levee. This time the water level was low and there was a steep drop to the surface. Pee Wee can't stop so he kept running to the edge and peering over and then moving on and peering over. I suppose he wanted to see if there was water on the other side of the levee. That's when it happened. He ran in front of the truck. I was only going about five miles per hour but somehow I felt that bump bump and heard that sickening yelping. Yeah. I did it again. I have now run over both of my dogs.

He had blood in his mouth and that almost freaked me totally insane. I picked him up and put him in the back seat. What to do? The vet is closed. How bad is he injured? When we got to the pond, the blood was gone. I let him out, and he just limped off. He went all the way to the other side of the pond and waded in and stood there. That looks odd, I thought so I went over there but he didn't let me get close. I tried and tried but he wouldn't let me near him. I went back to the truck and cried.

I was as low as a tad pole's toe nail when I waded into the water and began to swim. I have several friends with problems. I hear bad new on social media. I ran over my dog. He won't let me touch him. I prayed and prayed and swam and swam. Finally, Pee Wee showed up on the south levee and followed along like he always does. But he only made one length and disappeared. 

I took a break after 3.75 miles. Pee Wee was nowhere in sight. Then I looked under the truck. He was there. At least I knew he hadn't run away. I swam some more and pushed the total up to 6.26. When I got out for a break, this time Pee Wee came out and spoke to me. He let me pet him, and he licked my hand. I sat in the cab of the truck and cried.

I swam again and again. The last mile, I stopped several times to adjust my goggles, check my Garmin, and ponder if I wanted to continue. When the watched buzzed ten miles at the upper end of the pond, I turned and swam back to the truck. I felt like I had been steamrolled and Pee Wee had been. Every muscle in my upper body was shot. Remember, I swam 8.22 Monday, passed two kidney stones Tuesday, and swam 3.33 Wednesday. I was done. Pee Wee loaded into the cab with no problem. He only barked a lot on the drive to Greenwood. I carried him in my arms like a little baby to the back yard when we got home. That dog.

Thank you Jesus creating this dog and saving him in this accident. Thank you for a good day of training; thank you for a good week of training.