Monday, May 29, 2017

5/22 - 5/28

Another week of training has come and gone, and now we sit on the edge of the cliff. Chicot is scheduled for Saturday, June 3. Physically I should be ready. Mentally, well, I'm working on that. Weather wise, the forecast looks like doo doo. 

The biggest thing I am wrestling with is do we go ahead in the face of a high possibility of precipitation. Last year, I postponed the swim by one week because of the weather predictions. It didn't even rain that day, and I lost my all-star crew in the process. What we had left, crew-wise, was little Centerville, Team Centerville and I now call them. It turned out to be a sweet and blessed swim and our friends did an amazing job despite having little experience. 

So what is God telling me? He showed me He can build a better crew than me. OK, I get it. But what about this year? I am going with His crew, but do I reschedule if the weatherman says 80% chance of rain as he is now, or do I go ahead with the swim in faith? I really do not know.

Monday I did nothing, and I don't remember why. Tuesday I swam 3.32 miles. Wednesday, I passed another kidney stone. Yeah, just like the week before, I passed a huge stone and then went swimming. I got 2.35 miles. Thursday I made it back to the pond for 2.16 miles. I wasn't feeling it. I wasn't feeling it all week.

Friday, we went to Jackson so no training then. Saturday, however, I felt it was time for some real swimming so I did one of my benchmark swims: a four hour non-stop, non-feed effort. I did 7.23 miles in four hours and nine minutes. Now it is time for radical taper, but I do need to swim several times this week.

Please pray for good weather. One of my biggest concerns is MJ Staples who is coming in from Atlanta to be the Official Observer. Rescheduling throws a monkey wrench into everybody's plans. 

Oh well, praise the Lord anyway. Jesus said, "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."