Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hodge Appeals

Hodge Appeals
By Jay Unver

(Lehrton, Mississippi) Attorneys representing Zane Hodge appeared before Dr. Timothy Nomann this morning at the Association's Training Center in downtown Lehrton, MS. The special called conference was part of an expected appeal of the star swimmer's suspension. In a surprise move, however, lead lawyer Tom Flanagan reiterated his and his client's acceptance of the Association's banishment. What he did ask for was not a repeal of the suspension, but a temporary dispensation allowing the Chicot Challenge VI to be an official swim carrying "full recognition by Big ASS Endurance." 

"After all," Flanagan argued, "this is a charity swim benefiting children and adults in Mississippi. To reduce the swim to unofficial status could result in lower levels of giving, and that could never be the Association's intent."

Furthermore, Flanagan noted that his client had already missed the Viking Half Marathon as well as the Natchez Trace Festival 5K. "We propose a one day exception to the suspension with the banishment resuming as soon as Chicot VI is completed. Hodge still pays a tremendous price, but his transgressions are not passed on to innocent children."

Dr. Nomann listened without comment. Lawyers representing the Association offered no counter argument. Nomann then promised a ruling within one week.