Monday, May 15, 2017

5/8 - 5/14

With Chicot rushing at me like a bad storm blowing in, I am beginning to suffer my typical oscillations between excitement and fear. Like preaching, I never feel prepared no matter how much I have swum, lifted, run, and dreamed. This year, I am without any running, I am carrying extra body weight, and I am facing the longest swim of my life. What's to be nervous about?

Monday I did nothing. I don't even remember why. As I glance at my training journal, I only see white paper without even a note explaining my lack of activity. And my lack of recall, what to make of that? Don't answer. I know my age.

Tuesday I went to the pond and swam 5.32 miles (6,950 meters). Why so little? I can't remember. Not that five miles is a bad outcome. I consider that the beginning of swim endurance and that one was my third five miler of the year. But this close to the big day and I am usually swimming myself into a deep ditch of fatigue.

Wednesday I did nothing but this time I wrote something in my journal: Exams and stayed at Mom's. Thursday, however, I had my grades entered into Banner and I went into the Witness Protection Program. I made it to the pond early, the dogs and I, and I swam 10.17 miles (16,363 meters). This allayed some of my fears and relaxed me considerably so much so that when I went back to the pond Friday, I only wanted to loosen up and little and get in some light work. That I did with 3,314 meters.

Saturday I was stricken with lazy. I didn't want to do anything but lounge. Several things were on my list. I needed to do some visitation, needed to swim, and needed to lift weights. All I did was do a truncated session at Plate City Gym. I did four sets of bench presses, three sets of Swim Pull, and a few other things. Then I went inside and lounged.

Still it was a pretty decent training week. I swam 26,267 meters. Not bad, but I need to got over 30,000 next week. I now have the time, motive, and opportunity. Let's see what happens when I am turned loose on D10 for an entire week. 

Praise be to God who hath given me hope and dreams and energy to pursue them.