Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Morning

It's Friday morning and I'm ________, ________, and ________. I bet you can fill in the blanks. My wife is off work today, but I am not ________. Enough of that.

I had big days Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I slowed up a little and only ran 4.38 miles and swam 4,400 meters, which included some sprinting. Wednesday night we had our final meeting of the Film as Literature class. This was the best movie class I ever had. The students were smart, interested, and talkative. They got it, every thing I threw at them. Wednesday nights were the highlight of my week, and I am going to miss this one a lot. But on the bright side, I now have more time to train. I won't have to get out of the pool and rush home to change clothes and go back to work. That helps a lot. Next week is finals week. Then I will go bat crap crazy in the water and on the road. 

Thursday I thought would be a good time for another straight swim. I went 7,600 meters in 2:36 (2:03). This was farther and faster than Tuesday's straight swim. I cut the run to 2.03 miles because my legs were flat and I want to run well as Kosciusko Saturday. The plan for today is another tipping two miler.

John hasn't swum with me this year, but he says he's on tap for today. We'll see. I need to shorten it up and do not only some faster stuff, but some hear rate sets, maybe fast 100s with a short turn around. For the week, I sit at 26,000 meters of swimming and 16 miles of running. Today will be an easy one. I'll start after I empty the coffee pot into my stomach, go to the post office and mail more money to the DFM, and ship a T-shirt to Minnesota.

Things are looking up.