Monday, March 14, 2016

3/7 - 3/13

Last week was typical of what has been happening to me lately. Pool closings and other rage-causing events have knocked me another 10,000 meters behind last year's training pace. What else is new?

I do continue to get ahead on last year's running. I am now 206.99 miles over what I had run at this same time a year ago. That's worth something, but the Chicot Challenge is a swimming event not a running one.

Monday, I ran 4.52 miles and did my first open water swim of the year. Although it was a wetsuit affair and only 1.1 miles long, it was nevertheless and milestone as the first swim outdoors always is.

Tuesday, I ran 2.65 miles and made it to DSU for 3,900 yards (3,564 meters). I had to leave after Masters because the pool closed at 7:15. How does the whole world get together to conspire against me.?

Wednesday, I ran 3.7, and Thursday I ran 5.66. Rain prevented me from lifting weights and the DSU pool was closed Thursday. !!!! What can I do?

Friday, I buried an old friend. He was not a friend who was old, but someone I had known for thirty-seven years. It was my pleasure and privilege to preach his funeral. I performed the marriage ceremony for him and his wife and preached four previous funerals for that family. I didn't expect to preach another one. Edwin Moorman was only 51, gone too soon. After the funeral, after the graveside, at one of the niece's house, I heard one of his granddaughters, a little tot of about four say, "I miss my ____." I forget the word she used, Pops? That made me cry. Grandparents are special. I never knew either one of my granddads and I was always felt the absence, was always aware of the fact that I didn't have a grandfather, and was always looking for a surrogate. I remember when I was just a preschooler telling one of my uncles that he could be my granddad. My mom's mother died when I was twelve, so for years I just had the one grandmom.

Saturday, I ran 13.34 miles as a steady state run for the first eleven miles and then fell off to a shuffle. Later in the day I did my only real weightlifting session.

For the week, I  

ran 34.46
walked 2.42
lifted weights once, and
swam 5,333 meters.

For the year, I am 206.99 miles over in running this same time in 2015, but I am behind by 13,103 meters swimming. If you factor in my shortfalls at the end of 2015, I am behind by 213,000 meters. That't right, 213,000 meters. I can still make it, but I need some breaks to go my way.