Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Run out Early

I left in plenty of time. I hoped to get in the pool at DSU as early as possible. Thursday, I already know, is out. I even rode to the aquatic center before going to my daughter's to check if the pool had been set up for long course. If it had, that would mean fewer lanes and probably no chance of getting in early. It was still set up for short course.

At Andrea's I fell asleep on her couch so I was a bit late getting back to DSU and into the water. I was stroking by 6:15, fifteen minutes later than I hoped. Eventually Ricky got in and swam a few lengths and stopped. I only had 1,900 when he pulled up. I also stopped and Cagri said, "DAC is closing the pool at 7:15. Do what you need to do to get as many yards as you can." I put on my small paddles and swam 2,000 straight. That was all I could get done before I had to leave. 

Try as I may, I keep falling behind last year. This week one year ago, I swam almost 15,000 meters. I am probably looking at 5,000 this week. I need prayer and some breaks. I need prayer and some breaks. I need prayer and some breaks. Did I mention that I need prayer and some breaks?