Friday, March 4, 2016

Thursday's Disappointment

I keep getting knocked to the ground in my attempt to ramp up the training for this year's Chicot Challenge. After looking at my old training diary, I realized I could probably close the gap if I was determined enough. Well, you know what happened Tuesday. Last year, we were snowed out on Thursday, so there is where I will make up the difference, I thought. But I was thwarted once more as there were no lifeguards on duty so the pool closed last night right after Masters. Dang. And to make matters worse, it is closed today. Last year, I swam on Friday. What's the deal? Jake says it's due to Spring Break starting, but that didn't close the pool last year. 


We will get to practice Tuesday night next week, but with no lifeguards means no extra swimming. And then I really was floored when Cagri said we will probably cancel Thursday. I can't catch a break.

I did get in early last night and swam 2,450 before practice started. The main set was three times through 8 X 75. The first time the first 25 was all out. The second block we swam the second 25 all out. And, you guessed it, on the third group of 75s, we swam the third 25 all out. That my not sound tough, but it was. We started @ 1:15, but quickly had to change the interval to 1:30. For my  later viewing pleasure, the whole thing looked like this:

2,450 44:13 (1:47)
8 X 50 @ 1:15 decline 1-4
8 X 75 @ 1:30 first 25 fast
2:00 rest
8 X 75 @ 1:30 second 25 fast
rest 2:00
8 X 75 @ 1:30 third 25 fast
200 small paddles
total - 4,450 yards = 4,067 meters.

Now for today? I don't know. I could try the pond. It is supposed to hit 61 after lunch. I suspect the water temp is close to 60. It has been warm enough lately, but we have had lots of rain, which always cools the water. Also, the night temps have been a bit chilly. I just know I'm awful disappointed not to be able to swim today. I can run and lift weights, but that only takes you so far as a swimmer. To swim, one must swim. To swim all day, one must do some serious swimming.