Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Break Week

I got on track during our week out of school and trained like Rocky Balboa on steroids. Since I already wrote about much of the training, I'll spare you most of the details. I posted eight times from Monday through Sunday of my vacation, a record for me. Not that I was trying to set a record for writing, it was just that I had something to say and time to say it. I also had time to train, and time to nap. A good combination.

I had time to set a record for swimming, but I tried to exercise a little judgment and hold back some. I left the DSU pool after several practices with time on the clock, but each occasion I did leave early I felt like I had had enough. Friday, for instance, I swam only 4,400 at the pool, but that brought me to the most I ever swam in one week this early in the year.

For the week, I

lifted weights once
walked 7.97 and 
ran 30.20 miles, and 
swam 30,062 meters.

I have long considered at 20/20 week (20,000 meters swimming and 20 miles running) to be the gold standard for my personal training. Those numbers will get in in shape to do the final blitz needed for all-day swimming. Spring Break week was one of my few ever (or is it the only one?) 30/30 weeks. All the tension and frustration that had been building for several weeks is now gone. I hope to keep it at bay.

The big training cycle helped me erase the deficit from the week before that. My running continues to outpace last year's, and I caught back up on the bench press. Yehaa!