Tuesday, March 8, 2016

First OW Swim of 2016

I drove out to the pond Monday afternoon convinced the water temps would be in the mid-60s. According to David, whom I texted before I left, the water was in fact around 60. According to Mike, a new guy I met out at my favorite pond, the water was more like 58. At any rate, it was a bit cool for me. I managed only 1.1 miles before I sissied out due to tired shoulders, a cold body, and an absence of fire in the belly.

Dude, I know I am a major disappointment to any real cold-water swimmers. But when I first started, the pain to the bones of my face and skull was almost too much. I knew if I could hang on, it would pass. I hung on. But my rotator cuffs were screaming at me from the get-go, and I was shocked at how difficult swimming was. After training exclusively in a short course pool for several months now, and not enough of that, having no wall proved, as it has in the past, to be a surprising challenge. I've been here before, though, and I know this too shall pass. Soon, DSU will be long course, which will help a lot. Then Twin Rivers will be pumped up. Then the ponds will be warm enough to stay in as long as my shoulders can take. I will get there. I think.

After the short swim, I took a run on the levees. Last Monday I did a VO2 Max workout so that's what I did this time also. I found myself much more fit (or well) than a week ago and I did 4.52 miles with six pickups that averaged a little under 8:00 per mile. That was a big stretch last week. I pulled it off much better this week. My blood donation is now far enough in the past that it should impact me little if at all. And getting over my illness has me feeling almost normal. With the Viking Half coming up, maybe I can turn in a good performance.

Things look tough this week as far as time to train goes. Tuesday I get to swim at DSU and the pool may be long course. I have a meeting Wednesday and a funeral Thursday. The weather looks threatening for Friday and Saturday. Maybe it will turn out sunny and warm. I hope. I keep getting knocked to the canvas over and over. I know they say just keep getting up. But if you get knocked down enough, you lose even if you get back up.