Friday, March 25, 2016

Raging Rant

It's Friday morning, and I am fit to be tied. I'm thinking about shooting a road sign today. Maybe two. 

I had so much rather write about how well things are going like I did in Monday's post when I gladly reported my Spring Break training. But it has happened some more. "It" being more pool closings, more practice cancellations, and more wimping out on my part.

"It has never been like this," I told my wife while I paced the floor in a state of near rage. I had just received word that Thursday's practice was cancelled due to Easter. What!?! Where is the nearest road sign I can shoot? Are you kidding me? Cancel Thursday night practice because Sunday is Easter? That make perfect sense, like when they closed the pool on Thursday a couple of weeks ago because the next week was Spring Break. Where is that road sign?

Either the world has gone crazy or I have, no other explanation works. I keep telling myself to remain calm, it will work out, it always does. But even if it works out, why does it have to be this way? Isn't the training stress enough. Why must I have to fight this other battle? And why does my sister have to go out of town every Friday and ruin my only real training day? the only day I have the remotest possibility of training for hours?

Maybe I should stay off Facebook where I see the reports from swimmers around the world who get into the water every day and swim their hearts' desire. WeSwimecauseWeCan, Did you swim today?, #swimstory, and Big Rick's Swim Team are just a few of the swimming sites I am a member of where I get to have my nose rubbed into the fact that everyone else can swim whenever they want, but me? No, not me, that would be too easy.

I drove out to the pond Thursday, sat in my truck, and tried to muster the courage up to get into the water. No big deal, you think. You try it. I know you can do it, Shawn C. Turner. Most likely you would complain about how hot the water is. But with the wind howling at thirty miles per hour, the water white capping like an angry ocean, and the water temp threatening to punish my body, I couldn't do it. That makes two times this week I drove to the pond and did not swim. I need a road sign.

If you are a praying person, please pray for me. I'm driving out to the pond again today, and I am packing a revolver. I will either swim or shoot something. If I get arrested, go my bail. If you have some water, let me know. Time is running out.

Rant over. Thanks for listening.