Friday, March 18, 2016

More Electricity

Things have been going well this week in the training department. Not a
The DSU pool set up for long course.
moment too soon, I might add. Wednesday I took it a bit easy since I hit it so hard Tuesday. All I did was go the DSU, swim, and take a short run.

At the pool I did a straight swim and stopped at 4,500 meters even though I had some time left on the clock and a little energy left in my body. One thing I don't need is an injury and I thought, better safe than sorry. I did the swim in 1:30:33 (2:00), not too bad for this early in the ramp up. I shuffled an easy 2.03 miles after the swim, then went home and got ready to go to Mom's. I stay with her on Wednesday nights.

Thursday presented another possibility for a double or even triple swim. I decided to scale back the running a bit and only swim twice. The first practice was at noon in the DSU pool. Once more, I did a straight swim this time of 5,100 meters in 1:41:23. I had some juice left at the end but slowed and stopped short of my goal of 1:45 because I felt a slight twinge in my left pectoral. A couple of years ago, I swam too far too early and developed a pectoral injury that caused me some serious problems. That is why I've had my foot on the brake just a little this week. I am trying to swim as much as I dare without getting to crazy and hurting myself.

After the swim, I drove to my daughter's, but the gravel road west of her house, where I was wanting to run, was still under water so I motored back to Bear Pen Park to do my running there. It started raining and turned cool and since my legs felt so dead, I only shuffled 3.26 miles. Then I went back to Andrea's to see Smu, hug our grandchildren, and take a nap.
Coach Cagri ready to bark some orders.

It sure is nice to go the DSU's Aquatic Center and not be tensed up over time or obsessed with getting every stroke possible. With 5,100 already in the bank, I was relaxed. I even lingered long enough to take a couple of photographs. I warmed up with 1,100 and then the practice started. The first set was 4 X 200 with paddles breathing 3, 5, 5, 3 by 50s, rest :30. Next was 8 X 50 @ 1:30 decline 1-4. On the second four I swam :51, :50, :46, :44. After that we did 4 X 100, rest :30, building by 25s. For a cool down I did an easy 400 for a total of 3,100 meters. I like to be able to review a practice at a glance, so below is the short hand account.

4 X 200 br 3, 5, 5, 3 r :30
8 X 50 @ 1:30, dec 1-4 (2nd = :51, :50, :46, :44)
4 X 100 build by 25s, r :30
400 easy
total = 3,100 LCMs.

Not a bad day with a total of 8,100 meters. My straight swims this week have progressed as below:

1:11 (short course)
1:16 (short course)
1:30 (long course)
1:41 (long course)