Sunday, March 20, 2016

Chicot Verses 2

I ran across another passage that spoke to me. This one addresses my fear of large reptiles that eat almost anything and have enormous appetites. With the recent flooding, many animals have been moved out of their normal home ranges. Already I have seen evidence of this on Facebook from Arkansas no less. A huge alligator was removed by Arkansas Game and Fish officers from a roadside ditch. High water, no doubt, sent him exploring as it does other animals and fish.

I really don't worry too much about the alligators, but I do think about them from time to time. Before he swam the Amazon River, Martin Strel spent time in a cave several times per week meditating. He was convinced that would make him at one with nature and keep the caiman and piranha and anaconda from devouring him. I don't have a cave and probably wouldn't use it if I did. I rather trust God and this passage. Job 5:22b - 23, in the New American Standard Bible, reads:

And you will not be afraid of
wild beasts.
For you will be in league with the 
  stones of the field,
And the beast of the field will
  be at peace with you.

No mention of a cave here.