Monday, August 7, 2017

7/31 - 8/6

I almost trained some last week. Almost. Next week the goal is to actually train a little. Monday I took a long walk of 5.51 miles with a few steps of shuffling thrown in. Slowly I am beginning to believe I will regain the ability to do at least some shuffling somewhere out there in the future. I need to shuffle to lose weight and I need to lose weight for my health. I also need to restart my weight training. Although I can't do upper body work right now, I can do lower body lifting, and Donny at Leflore Steel is supposed to have my next machine ready in a day or two. That machine will give me an emotional boost and restart some lifting. It is a leg press attachment that pins into my power rack complex. I am hoping to lay another set of blocks and set up the bike trainer, leg press machine, and the extension bench and do some serious circuit training for my legs. That is the hope, the plan.

Tuesday I worked in the yard some and walked 1.01 miles while mowing grass and pulling weeds. Wednesday I did another longish walk this time going 6.2 miles with a couple of shuffles thrown in. One shuffle lasted an entire 70 steps. I also worked in the yard and got in another .67 miles for a total of 6.87 for the day.

Thursday I didn't do anything, and I don't remember why. Friday I walked 1.11 in the yard, and Saturday was the 2017 Bikes, Blues & Bayous. Being overweight and out of shape, Forrest and I settled for the 46-miler. With the ride to and from and some turn backs on the course, I pedaled 49.77 miles. That's a good start to some better fitness. Our packets contained some information on several rides in the fall. I hope to prepare a bit and do some rides with my son.

Sunday night I took a short walk. I usually don't do anything on Sundays but go to church and nap. This time, however, I was so overblown with food that I had to move my body a little. We had homecoming and of course I ate way too much. It's awfully hard not to because there is a lot of food, it is well prepared, and the occasion is one of eat, drink, and be merry. It's more temptation than I can endure.

For the week, I did no weightlifting and no swimming. I did walk 16.57 miles and cycled 49.77. That's a start.

Praise God for giving me hope. My goal is to try to swim later this week, continue walking, and cycle some.