Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Finally I feel like my shoulder is healing. It is far from well, but it is improving to the point where I  am doing things without yelping like a dog hit with a rock. I drilled a hole in a piece of wood today and the bit hung causing the drill to torque suddenly. i survived it without pain. Very soon I will take an exploratory swim. 

Today I have been doing a little bit of stretching. Until now, the shoulder just didn't appreciate it. A couple of weeks ago I stretched some and it set me back a week or two. Mind you the stretching is very gentle, but to do any at all is a really major step, that is if I don't awake with a gimpy shoulder in the morning.

Speaking of in the morning, I am scheduled to meet John at Twin Rivers. Right now I am thinking 50s really slow with a rest on each wall. That's what I did the last time I swam several years ago, but since I have gone cold turkey in an effort to get well.

Besides hoping to swim a little, I have been walking regularly. I plan to start hitting the weights soon. Like tomorrow. I can't upper body lift yet, but Leflore Steel is supposed to have my latest addition to Plate City Gym ready Thursday. It is a leg press machine, and my shoulder won't be an impediment there. They have had the order for several months. I am on their Wait List, but at least I am on the list. As much work as they do, they could reasonably tell me they don't have time for small jobs like mine. They do good work, and it is always worth the wait.


My zeal is coming back. Turn me loose, Lord, and let me train.