Thursday, August 10, 2017

Swam (sort of)

A few weeks back a swam twice in one week. "Swam" being a contextual word as they all are. I did 500 and 700. Since my shoulder didn't seem to like that very much, I took a few more weeks off before trying it again this morning. 

I went to Twin Rivers where I was supposed to meet John at 6:30. Of course he wasn't there and he called me after I had finished and gotten home already to tell me he was on the way. What else is new?

The water felt more than cool. August has yet to see 90 degrees, and it looks like it will not this year. That's unusual, but weather is like that. Besides being cool, we have had lots of clouds and lots of rain. I grieve that I missed swimming in some of the downpours because that is something I rarely get to do but enjoy immensely.

I swam 8 X 50 at an embarrassing pace. No one was there, not even the pool boys so I didn't have to suffer any embarrassment. The shoulder did not hurt, but I felt it a few times. I don't know what to make of that. It's not that I am surprised, it's that I don't know if I should push through or play it safe. I voted for play it safe and stopped after a mere 400. Tomorrow I plan to go back if I can drag out of bed again. John will once more be so late that I don't even see him there. So what?

I hope to get Plate City's new leg press machine today. That will give me a boost. Higher than average energy is always the byproduct of new equipment for the gym. Yesterday I did a little wood work in preparation for the long-awaited attachment. I didn't do all the work, but I did some of it. Soon I hope to get Trevor McClain to help me lay another set of concrete pads. After what those pads have done to me, the sight of one gives me the chills. A new leg press and a new row of blocks will be a considerable upgrade.

Praise God for upgrades. He offers them for the soul. Get yours today by making application through prayer.