Saturday, August 12, 2017

I Came, I Swam, I Cried

Saturday I had myself a day. Coffee and sermon prep took up the first comfortable couple of hours before I hit the road for a walk. Going out Money and Wade Roads, I did 6.51 with a full minute of shuffling embedded in that, thus bolstering my hope to run again one day.

We have had a lot of rain of late so the lawn was in serious need of attention. I mowed the front three times to smooth it out and chop and scatter all the clippings. That added to my foot miles for the day.

Later in the afternoon, I reinstalled the new leg press. Donny had the attachment part redone and it is great. I mowed the back lawn and did some leg presses and leg extensions. It went something like this:

Leg extension
   10 X 50
   10 X 57.5
   10 X 65
   10 X 72.5

Leg press
   10 X 50
   10 X 75
   10 X 95
   10 X 115
    8 X 130

I was pretty satisfied with that, but then I remembered the pool and decided to ride over to Twin Rivers. I got in at 7:00 pm and swam 1,200 meters. I was a little faster, a little smoother, and felt a little more confident about the shoulder. I am not well but better. I so enjoyed this swim and was so encouraged by it that when I climbed into the truck to drive home, I began to weep. Thank you, Jesus for giving me a swim and the joy of the water. I truly love it and have missed swimming like crazy. All the activity gave my mental health a huge boost.