Friday, August 11, 2017

Swummed Agin

I almost didn't get out of bed. My shoulder pained just a bit, enough to give me pause. Lying in bed and then discomfort invaded my wounded part. "Maybe that's God telling me to stay home," I thought. But then I got up anyway.

Yesterday, Thursday, I swam for the first time in weeks. It was only 400 meters, but the water felt great and being up kind of early and doing something always fives me a boost. Thursday afternoon, I did some work on Plate City Gym and yelped a few times. Not good. So as I lay thinking, I was wondering if I had set things back by my afternoon activities. To make a short story long, I dragged out of bed and went to the pool. I'm glad I did.

The swim was short, but the shoulder felt a little better than it did yesterday. Although I only totaled 700 meters, that almost doubled Thursday's output and the pace was a touch faster. Not that I am trying to swim fast. I am not. But swimming faster without effort shows I am on the road back. The pool time felt good, and I was content to take baby steps. On the ride back home I thought, "You better learn patience before God has to teach it to you." My aunt used to say that about humility. Humility and patience are tough lessons to learn. Maybe I haven't learned but at least I have a clue now.

John was supposed to meet me there at 6:30. he's been pushing me for a six-hour swim in September. Ain't gunna happen. Not this year. And yeah, you guessed it. When I left Twin Rivers he was not even in sight.

Thank you Jesus for a nice dip and a dash of new hope.