Monday, April 4, 2016

3/28 - 4/3

The week of 3/28 - 4/3 was a decent training block overall but far from what I really needed in the swimming category. I ran a lot, or at least a lot for me, totaling a little over 36 miles with one long run of 11+ and two multi-paced mid-week workouts. The swimming, however, was on the light side, but I did get in a two hour pool swim, and I hit the pond twice. The days looked like this:

Monday - run 3.26/swim 2,400 in the pond
Tuesday - run 6.59/swim 3,100 at DSU
Wednesday - run 3.35/no swimming
Thursday - run 6.08/swim 6,400 straight swim at DSU
Friday - run 2.75/swim 4,038 in the pond
Saturday - run 12.15/weights, upper body
Sunday - Bike trainer 22:00/run 2.29

The totals were:

Swim - 16,038
Run - 36.46
Weights - one time
Bike Trainer - 22:00
Walk - 2.97

I fell behind last year's swimming some more last week, but I am still hopeful to make it up.

My straight pool swims progressed unto 2:11 on Thursday night, my longest thus far of the year. It will go up a lot very soon.