Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monday, Week Five

I had a good one Monday, the kind that gives confidence and joy. The pool hit 78 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect, but alas it will not stay there. It will soon be too warm. I shouldn't complain, but it is only in that perfect range for a very short time.

I started with a straight swim of 2,200 to work the oxydative and fat burning enzymes of the mitochondria in my swimming muscles' cells. Then it was time for the latest edition of my countdown set: 800 meters. By hundreds, this one went

1st - 1st 25 fast
2nd - 2nd 25 fast
3rd - 3rd 25 fast
4th - 4th 25 fast
5th - none fast
6th - 1st 50 fast
7th - 2nd 50 fast
8th - none fast
rest 1:30

I did the countdown set three times then went to 400s easy with the last 50 fast resting 1:00. After 3 X 400, I swam an easy 1,000 and it felt really good. It was slow, but it felt good. The total for the practice came to 6,800 meters. That's the kind of work I need.

After my Monday night class, I shuffled 6.53 miles in the dark. It's kind of neat running after sundown in the summer. Yes, it is now summer here in Mississippi. Usually I ran in the dark during the winter. This time of year, it is nice not to have to bundle up and it's also nice to hear the tree frogs sing while footfalls keep time on God's free radio. Life is good.