Saturday, April 2, 2016

Second Pond Swim

I finally drive back to the fish farm and did more than run or sit in my truck. Friday, that most blessed of days, I started by hanging out with Luvie, drinking coffee, and blogging. What else is new? Finally, I dragged out of bed around ten and went for a short run. Then I packed for the pond and ran some errands before leaving town. One errand was to stop my Conerly's Shoes on Park Avenue and purchase a new pair of Hokas, which is the brand I wear exclusively. While I was in the store, I picked up something else I had been needing: a sponsor. Thank you, Gail Goldberg and Conerly's.

If you are a runner or walker in the Greenwood area, go to Conerly's and buy Hoka shoes. If you want your feet to be happy, go to Conerly's and purchase a pair of the most comfortable shoes you can ever get. I not only run in mine, but I wear my "worn out" ones, the ones I don't run in anymore, to work every day. Seriously, avoid foot problems like plantar fasciitus by giving you feet a fighting chance. Buy Hokas. Buy them at Conerly's. Buy them today.

With my new shoes on the floorboard of my dirty truck, I drove to my favorite fish pond and parked. Next, I tossed my thermometer into the water and then shot a short video. After that, it was water time. I didn't know how my muscles were going to react after the 6,400 I swam Thursday night. Turns out it was a good swim. My shoulders, which are always tight after a long swim, were loose and my muscles, which felt funny and out of sync at Masters, felt smooth and strong and fit. Go figure.

I did wear a wet suit in the 65 degree water but nothing else other than my cap, goggles, and jammer. Usually I don a rash guard under the suit which adds to the warmth but also creates a little constriction in the shoulder area. I only swam 2.51 miles, but it was fun and refreshing. The ponds are getting near that magical 68 degrees that is perfect for a suit. Oh yeah, before I left town I drove by Twin Rivers. No, it was not pumped up yet, but the fire hoses were stretched out from the fire plug to the pool so they will be doing the deed soon. Things are looking up. Thank you all who are praying for me. Don't stop.