Friday, April 15, 2016

Weird Stuff

I've been out of the water a couple of days. It's weird. I don't know what's going on. Monday I swam at Twin Rivers but froze out in twenty minutes. Tuesday I went to the pond and had a lovely 5.35 mile swim in my wet suit. When I exited the water I was not tired, and I felt no ill effects from my longest swim of the short year. Wednesday morning, however, the weird stuff started.

I got out of bed on what many people call Hump Day, only to be greeted by some pain in my upper back. The discomfort was on the verge of groan producing. I poked around with my fingers and failed to find a sore spot. It seemed to be on the upper part of my scapula. At school, I checked out Buddy Bones and concluded that one of my rotator cuff muscles was protesting. That was my best self diagnosis.

I hoped it was a muscle because muscles heal quickly. A tendon, on the other hand, heals slowly, often gets worse, and could be the beginning of the end of my marathon swimming. Thursday brought more consternation. By then I could poke a spot-- to the upper right of the top of my left scapula. Did it move? I didn't know what to make of this. I still don't. Maybe I bumped into something and bruised myself, but my memory could produce nothing of the sort even after long and thorough searching. 

Right now I am drinking coffee and plotting my days work. No, the cats are not on the bed with me, and I am most displeased with that. They wouldn't leave the back porch because they are watching a large flock of birds on the patio through the big plate glass window that forms the southern boundary of their world. I am so jealous. But I got out of bed to no sign of my mystery phenomena. Am I well? Was it swim related? What is/was it? I am confused and my confidence is shaken, but since nothing hurts, I plan to go pond dipping. How far should I try for? Everything in my mind is in a tizzy.

Well, on the brighter side, the Chicot shirts are in. I'll post a pic later, but I have them and will be selling before the day is done. Not only that, but I have one sponsor in hand and another in the bush.

Buy shoes from Conerly's. I do.