Monday, April 25, 2016

Week Six Training

Last week was six weeks out from the big swim, not counting event week. That means I need to be clawing for every meter I can swim. I did that and came up with a decent training cycle that I hope to top this week. Since I have already written about most of the days, I will make this short and sweaty. I mean short and sweet. For the week, I

swam 28,592 meters,
ran 27.2 miles,
cycled 51:00 minutes on the bike trainer,
lifted weights (lower body) one time, and 
walked 2.93 miles.

I am now over 250 miles ahead of last year in my run totals, and I even pulled a little farther ahead in my swim totals. As of the end of last week, I am 6,631 meters ahead of 2015. I need to keep pulling farther and farther in the lead.

The pool is warming and I will hold my last night class meeting this Monday and Wednesday so next it will get even easier to do some long swims. I did the countdown set several times last week and hope to extend that starting today. Chicot Challenge V is now five weeks out. The countdown has begun.